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Our Stories

We’ve Packed Food stories worth half a decade and taste that lasts centuries..

Good quality food that take us back to those old nostalgic days over a bite is not an everyday luxury until you make Bakemill your everyday destination! In the last decade Bakemill has grown to be one of the best packed food exporting and importing companies in South India. The local variety of packed food products we have introduced to the European as well as American markets has become a hot favorite among the customers there.

Our Stories

Here at Bakemill we want our customers to feel at home. With that purpose in mind the incentive we are providing is premium taste and packed food products ranging from cakes, chips, sour and salty snacks to rice powders, wheat powders, curry powders, spices, naturally preserved pickles and much more which will help the customers maintain their good health and in turn promoting a lifetime of healthy food culture.

How often does people smile over food and come back to the same place time after time ? the last year alone we have sold over 1 million cakes. This marks how Bakemill has become a go-to place for 1 million people around the world. This is the kind of growth we are envisioning for decades to come. Making the faces blossom with a smile on each and every bite is the only strategy we will employ on our journey to being the best in the market. When happy customers immerse themselves in food fantasies and go on about their own food-ventures, we are too having our own fill of gratitude and a journey worth sharing.

Keramill, our brand which is home to the collection of packed frozen food as well as the wide range of baking products and all kinds of savoury products is supported by the best in market preserving technology and is your number one choice. Keramill also has the best coconut oil in existence. To ensure freshness and to preserve the aroma of quality, we have developed a unique way of packing our products. This way, from our factories to your dining table everything is kept as it is.

Bakemill is the end of the road as well as a beginning. When your search for the best taste ends with us, our journey of telling your stories only begins. By strengthening this collaborative partnership with our customers we have long realized that our brand is seeing a never-before -seen recognition all over the world, this only further incites us to make the future days brighter for everyone. We are also taking this opportunity to invite the brightest minds and all the food enthusiasts to join and experience the diverse and inclusive work culture we have been following all these years. This phase of Bakemill, we believe will nourish and invoke new ideas and ideologies which will help us to build a food culture which is paved by conserving natural resources as well as the harmony of different communities which can only be united by the universal tag, ‘food.’

From your breakfast cuisines to the tastiest meal for that romantic evening or for a fiesty cookoff with your bestfriend, Bakemil has it all!
We are more more than happy and thankful to have seen Six years of growth and 25 million smiles…

What We do?

We cook, pack and serve, making millions happy in the process. All the while staying simple and genuine. At Bakemill, over a hundred confectionary products are ready and at your disposal. We are striving to make you smile with each bite.​

Our Mission

We are on a journey promoting healthy food culture through our two internationally acknowledged brands Bakemill and Keramill. We want to spread the love for food by taking great strides towards becoming the biggest shareholders and the global leaders in the packed food industry. We are collectively on a mission to make the world a better place through better food habits. This is a mission we welcome our customers to partake in and in which Bakemill is trying to make a difference.​

History Of Us

Ten years ago Bakemill was born as a dream of two people who wanted to serve delightful cuisines and reliable packed food products to people to make their special moments sweet and memorable. The millions of customers who always choose us over other brands is testimonial to the monumental success we have had over the years. When Keramill was introduced five years ago the people we always relied on welcomed and accepted the newly introduced products with open hands and warm gestures. After ten years of persistent growth we now have an array of over 300 food products and a food journey that spreads far and wide over 9 countries.

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